Briefing April 28 (Tue)

Good morning, historians of East Asia!

You should all be well on your way with final projects and sprucing up blogposts and what not. I also know you have a ton of other assignments for other classes, so I am not sure what Google means when they advertise Google doodles against boredom on their website:

Boredom? In the last week of the Spring semester? Helllooooo??! (Google’s 9 to 5 page)

But should you feel bored, there are a lot of google doodle games to play through. Be mindful to set a timer so you don’t get sucked in.

This is perhaps also a good time to remind you of the Marinara timer extension on your Chrome browser, for the Pomodoro method: check out the second video in the briefing from March 31. And please share other tips you may have for keeping focused and creating a work-life balance in the final crunch weeks!


HST107: 4pm Zoom session: (link under the pink header on Canvas Homepage) Check in with classmates and projects, I will be fielding questions! If you have no questions, no need to come.

HST259: Keep working on your final projects! If they’re not up on the Pressbooks site yet, please do so as soon as reasonable. Don’t forget to check if the chapters you were assigned (on the Google sheet) are up yet, for providing peer feedback.

HST267: 1pm Zoom session: (pink link on Canvas Homepage): stop by for conversation with your peers about the assignments, I’ll be fielding questions! If you have no questions, no need to come.

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