Day 43, 27 April 2020

Broken promises, choices made

(That sounds more dramatic than it is, I know!)

I know I promised yesterday you’d get to hear more about the student projects that will make their way into the Pressbooks we’re creating, but I made some choices earlier today, that leave it too late now to write something that will do justice to the hard work the students put in. Tomorrow may be a better day for a preview.

I chose to spend some time with flute practice. I’ve been better this week practicing more regularly. My lessons are on Tuesday evening and for once I’d like to be reasonably well-rested. Mondays seem to be difficult to get to bed on time, and the flute does not hide it when you’re tired. Also: reading music, even if I am familiar with the piece, becomes harder as the session progresses and my power to concentrate decreases. Learning new stuff is exhausting. And before long, it’s ants dancing on the page instead of notes guiding me to music. But I want to get the most out of my lessons, because it’s also just fun to feel I’m making progress. So that was the first choice.

The second choice was to go for an evening walk, to get my exercise in. While I love writing this blog and I am legit excited about the students’ work, I want to make sure I remain in acceptable physical and mental shape to weather this storm- and a long walk goes a long way to that goal. I can’t keep telling my students to take care and be mindful of their health, if I don’t follow my own advice and instead keep working in unsustainable ways.

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