What is FAQ?

Frequently Asked Question(s): Questions that perhaps aren’t asked frequently out loud, but you would still like an answer…

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What is the Tea Room? (Or “Get Stuff Done Club”/Drop-in Tutorials/Student Hours)

Other professors may call them “Office Hours”, I prefer “Tea Room” because it’s cosy, informal, friendly and you may bump into a friend. I’ve also called it “Get Stuff Done Club,” because it’s the place where you get stuff done, or “drop-in tutorials” because you can drop in quickly or stay as long as I’m available.

This is is your exclusive access to me, and you can hang out and ask questions or talk about something connected to class (or if I am your advisor: advising). On the Discord Server, make yourself at home in the Tea Room, and you have access even when I am not there. You can meet up with anybody from my courses, anytime. In Fall ’22 you can also visit me in my physical office: Ettinger 300A. There may even be tea!

You can come to the Tea Room for a multitude of reasons, here are some examples:

  • you want to make sure you understood something that was discussed in class or in the readings,
  • you have an idea for an assignment but want to discuss it before committing to it,
  • you can’t remember how to pronounce some strange word,
  • you want to tell me that I forgot to put something on the website,
  • you would like to know more about a topic we covered, or touched on, and are looking for reliable sources,
  • you got in trouble with your calendar and won’t be able to finish an assignment by the deadline and would like an extension,
  • you’re feeling lost in the course or at the college and want a “reset” button.

Sometimes you only need thirty seconds, at other times you need half an hour or more; sometimes you are happy to have others join the conversation, sometimes you want to talk in private – and I can quickly set up a room on the Discord server for that, too.

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