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Questions that perhaps aren’t asked frequently out loud, but you would still like an answer…

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What are “Drop-in tutorials”? (Get Stuff Done Club in Spring ’21)

Other professors may call them “Office Hours”, I prefer drop-in tutorial, because that is what they are: drop in when you have a question or want to talk about something connected to class (or if I am your advisor: advising).

You can drop in for a multitude of reasons, here are some examples:

  • you want to make sure you understood correctly something that was discussed in class or in the readings
  • you have an idea for an assignment but want to discuss it before committing to it
  • you can’t remember how to pronounce some strange word
  • you want to tell me that I forgot to put something on the website/Canvas
  • you would like to know more about a topic we covered, or touched on, and are looking for reliable sources
  • you got in trouble with your calendar and won’t be able to finish an assignment by the deadline and would like an extension
  • you’re feeling lost in the course or at the college and want a “reset” button
  • Sometimes you only need thirty seconds, at other times you need half an hour or more; sometimes you are happy to have others join the conversation, at other times you may prefer a private conversation. Drop-in tutorials are for all of these situations, and they are your exclusive, personal access to me, in addition to our in-class time.

Who else teaches courses on Asia at Muhlenberg?

Muhlenberg offers a Minor in Asian Studies.