Briefing March 27

Good morning, historians of East Asia!

Resource! Today I’d like to share with you a useful resource to help you with revising your writing. This works for all writing, not only for the reflections and assignments for this course. Head on over to this website and pick a challenge to revise your writing. Some of these are specific to the writing course from my colleague and friend @OnlineCrsLady, but they’re short and sweet but effective strategies. You can also team up with a friend and work through each other’s posts. Pick one challenge/suggestion, and focus on that for a single blog post. If you spot a pattern, you’re learning something about your writing!

Forsythia on a morning walk in West End Allentown, branches loaded with bright yellow flowers hanging over the footpath, close-up view of the bush.
Spring time morning walks with a splash of yellow

HST107: Woot! You made it through another week! Check if you need to catch up on assignments (weekly blog posts, project pitch and/or preliminary source list). Videos for past class sessions are on this Canvas page.

HST259: Zoomzoom! (link on Canvas home page under the pink header) at 11.30am, for a closer look at the Imjin war and the journal of the war captive Kang Hang. The preliminary list of sources (step 2) is due by midnight.

HST267: Yay! Another week completed! Check if you need to catch up on any reflections from past weeks, or use the challenges from the tips mentioned above. Videos for past classes can be found on this Canvas page.

Have a great weekend! Materials for next week will follow Friday night or (more likely) Saturday, you will receive an email.

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