Briefing April 21 (Tue)

Good morning historians of East Asia!

I haven’t got much special to share with you, other than reminding you that college’s services to support your academic work remain available remotely.

  • Writing Center: online appointments available, from brainstorming to proofreading and everything in between in the making of a paper.
  • Digital Learning Assistants: daily drop-ins 2-6pm for all your technical questions about your blog and/or Pressbooks. Find the link to their Google Meet on your Canvas Homepage under number 3 (“Zoom drop ins and DLAs”). (This hopefully prevents the link from being bombed)
    • TOP TIP: for anything that’s technical (e.g. Why does this post not show up where I want it to? And how do I make my blog look nice?) contact the DLAs, they can help you better and faster than I can!
From Laura Gibb’s Growth Mindset Cats (<– Click for more cats!)
Schedule for today

Zoom drop ins: 2-3pm open to all, Green Link on your Canvas homepage

HST107: optional Zoom session 4pm: (link under the pink header on Canvas Homepage) Check in with classmates and projects, I will be fielding questions and can walk you through Pressbooks.

HST259: (anytime before midnight):

HST267: optional Zoom session 1pm: (pink link on Canvas Homepage): We can talk about the primary source analysis and help you get some more ideas, or talk about the response paper materials.

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