Briefing April 20 (Mon.)

Good morning, historians of East Asia!

The final weeks of the semester are crunch-time, so I hope to un-crunch a few things and create more breathing space. But if you’re eager for new content and want to meet up with your classmates, you can opt into this week. I will be on Zoom, but you don’t have to. Schedule for today is below this important announcement from the resident hippo William (also the unofficial mascot of the History Department)

William (bottom, middle) oversees his work.

He finished his jigsaw! 3000 pieces of antique world map in just over 5 weeks! (He’s very proud of it and has made me post it all over social media, so you may have seen it already.)

Schedule for today

HST107: check you have the project bites up to step 5 (Outline) on your website in Category HST107, or as a shared google doc.

HST259: check you have all the Final Project Bites up to step 5.

HST267: (anytime before midnight): reflection on course materials from week 13, add your blog post to Category HST267 and use the words “Week 13” in the title.

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