Briefing March 24

Good morning, historians of East Asia!

Some of you may feel unprepared for today’s Zoom sessions, because a million things have got in your way; or you’re procrastinating like a pro on submitting an assignment for your final project; or you’re just soooo done with remote learning already and can’t face another Canvas discussion post. I know what it feels like: I have in the past 2 weeks touched my flute 2 times because of [gestures at the world] all of this. I have a lesson tomorrow, and it’s likely to be one big dumpster fire, and my teacher just said “we’ll work with what we have”. That’s what we’ll do in the East Asian history courses, too: we’ll work with what we have. And I mean it: Show me your garbage!!! (Only then can I guide you in the direction of the gems that are hiding in there.) Keep showing up, keep plugging away. We’ve got this, Mules!

HST107: Zoom zoom! at 4pm (find link here), and submit your first Canvas discussion post in response to the fox readings. Check in on Zoom to chat about the final project and anything you want in connection with foxes in traditional China.

HST259: Project pitch: post on your blog before midnight in category HST259. Note the handy “where to find ideas for the final project” section on the resources page on the course website. And don’t forget to submit your first Canvas discussion post before midnight.

HST267: Zoom zoom! at 1pm (find link here), and first Canvas discussion post due before midnight. Check in on Zoom to chat about this week’s course materials and how to write about visual arts.

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