Briefing April 7 (Tue)

Good morning historians of East Asia!

Not a tech-tip today, but a writing tip. If you think your writing isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, remember that all published pieces you look at have started out as a hairy caterpillar of an idea, and through a lengthy process of rewriting and editing (invisible to you, as is the transformation in the chrysalis), came out at the other end as a shiny bright butterfly worthy of publishing. As many of you are embarking on final writing projects for your courses, remember that! Good work looks effortless, but hides a lot of hard work.

For instance, check out this finished cartoon, and the doodles, in the artwork of Tom Gauld. You’re in good company if you need to rewrite that paper a few times:

Open to all: Drop-in tutorials: 2.20-3pm (somebody already claimed the first 20mins as an advising spot!) Check the green link on the Canvas Home page for your course.

  • HST107:
    • Zoomzoom at 4pm: (pink link on the Canvas homepage) check in and talk about projects and this weeks course materials. Student-generated discussion, I can answer your questions.
    • (anytime before midnight): Initial post on the Canvas discussion board due.
  • HST259:  (anytime before midnight): Initial post on the Canvas discussion board due.
  • HST267:
    • Zoomzoom at 1pm: (pink link on Canvas Homepage): check in with your classmates, talk about the course materials/readings, or about any of the assignments for this week.
    • (anytime before midnight): First post on the Canvas discussion board due.

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