Briefing, April 15 (Wed.)

Good morning, historians of East Asia!

Today I’d like to point out a couple of good sources of free entertainment, just in case you’ve had enough of Tiktok videos (is that possible?) and Tiger King-like docu drama. Taking breaks is important, especially as you’re heading into that end-of-semester frenzy. You can’t keep the engine running all the time, so plan some downtime!

If you’ve always been curious about classical music (or Western Art Music as I prefer to call it now) but don’t know where to start, don’t miss the free access to the Berlin Philharmonic’s Digital Concert Hall, one of the best orchestras in the world (disclaimer: I’m a total fan girl!). There is an open air concert with film scores, with lots of tunes you can hum along; and this is one of my personal favorites: the finale of Beethoven’s Seventh symphony– impossible not to start dancing to it!

For the Japan historians, of particular interest is this week’s offering from the Metropolitan Opera on Friday: Madama Butterfly. Set slightly later than our course covers, but the staging should bring to mind a lot of the ideas about aesthetics we’ve talked about. Available for 24 hours starting at 7.30pm on Friday night: just go to the main page and click on “view now”.

Pretty “weeds” on my morning walk.
Today’s schedule:

Drop in tutorials open to all: 2.20pm-3pm: green link on your Canvas homepage, or make an appointment via the appointment page (extended hours available during advising season). I keep forgetting to add these to the daily briefing!

HST107: (anytime before midnight): Two responses to other students’ posts due, on the Canvas discussion board.


HST267: (anytime before midnight) : Two responses to other students’ posts due, on the Canvas discussion board.

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