Briefing April 1 (Wed)

Dear historians of East Asia,

Is anybody else done with the cold, grey, wet weather? I have lived in the US for 7 winters and I keep being amazed at how long it takes to get out of the grey and back into multicolour. We’ve not had much snow this winter, but it’s all very drab. The occasional splash of pink, yellow and blue on my walks recently has been a real boost to my mood! Hang on in there, and remember to get outside regularly: UV light may or may not be good against the coronavirus, but fresh air and movement are good for your general health and wellbeing. Share your pics in our groupme or slackchannel! (Share your pets, too! Luuuuuuurve seeing the pets!) Daily briefing below the spring pics!

PSA: this year is not a good one for April Fool’s jokes. Srsly. Please don’t.

  • HST107 (anytime before midnight): :
  • HST259: Busy day!
    • Zoom session 11.30am (pink header link on Canvas Homepage): check in with your classmates, talk about the final project and your ideas, or about the course materials for the week
    • (anytime before midnight): Initial post on the Canvas discussion board due;
    • (anytime before midnight): Final project bite step 3: description of your chapter/section/ contents
  • HST267: (anytime before midnight) : Two responses to other students’ posts due, on the Canvas discussion board.

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