Day 40, 24 April 2020

Milestone? Metaphor? Merino? Moorit?*

Forty days, eh? Not sure what I make of that.

Close-up of the back of a heavily cabled purple knitted cardigan.
It looks more purple in real life- Miss Babs Yowza in light clematis for the Glennfiddich Cardigan, designed by the late Annamária Ötvös

Sometimes I find staring at my knitting very soothing. I lay it out to measure, and then find myself wondering about the time it took to put all those stitches (mostly) in the right order, and how one stitch, one row at a time I create a garment out of a long thin piece of string with a pair of sticks. Maybe that’s a nice metaphor for all we’re trying to do with our teaching: it’s a little bit every day, often with very humble means. You can get all fancy with the digital/pedagogical equivalent of a merino-cashmere-silk yarn, but some basic simple wool pretty much straight from the sheep can also do some very funky things. (I should get some updated pictures for that jumper!) I’ll have more to say on all that later, when we get into the (k)nitty gritty of the training for the fall semester. For now: I’ll pet my merino Glennfidich cardigan in the making, and maybe pour myself one of those other Glennfiddichs

*Moorit is the name of a natural sheep colour that looks like mocha sweetness, ready to eat.

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